Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gasoline Tears

Gasoline tears and emotions of cellophane, set me on fire, it'll only ease the pain...

My skin is not stone, I shall bleed if you prick, My heart is not ice, but will melt in your fist!

If life is a dream in a dream, and reality isn't what it seems, and only lies can be seen, then wake me up before I scream!

~by Sheena

I wrote this as a facebook status page and got great feedback. I liked it so much I thought I would share it here :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nothing (A Song)

Get... get get

Get... get get

Bet... bet bet

Yes... yes yes

You bet-ter, bet yer.. a-a-a-ass boy

oh oh oh oh

You bet-ter, get yer a-a-a-ass going

Yes you... yes you...

ooh  ooh ooh   ooh   ooh  ooh ooh   ooh

I dont play, boy... I'm no play toy,
you can stay boy, but dont delay boy...

oh   oh oh oh   oh    oh oh oh

You can rock, get me hot, but then you gon' drop...

I wont let you 
break my heart
I wont let you
play that part

You will not, you will not
be my everything,
no nothing

I will not, no I'll not
lose all Ive got, 
to find I've nothing....


oh  oh oh   oh   oh  oh oh   oh

You bet-ter, bet yer.. a-a-a-ass boy

oh oh oh oh

You bet-ter, get yer a-a-a-ass going

You can run, 
and you should,
but I will not 
chase as I could,

Because your not worth it noooo




Your not worth it 

If you loved me,
You would leave me,
as I am boy
not tease me
like a play toy
and keep running
away bo______y

You bet-ter, bet yer.. a-a-a-ass boy

oh oh oh oh

You bet-ter, get yer a-a-a-ass going

If you stay,

trust me boy

You will pay!

You will pay, you will pay
the way you made me hurt

you  will   too

You hurt me, you broke me
and my heart in two

just like a fool

I wont let you 
break my heart
I wont let you
play that part

You will not, you will not
be my everything,
no nothing

I will not, no I'll not
lose all Ive got, 
to find I've nothing....


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Simple (Poem)

So very simple are the lines,
that seperate the times
that lead us to each choice,
and each decision in turn,
and each bond or burn.

yet so very complex,
when on these thoughts we reflect,
navigating the web,
to see the intertwined,
and tangled skein.

it starts out so simple,
and then begins to dimple,
and quake, and crack,
and split infinitely into many more,
opening a million other doors. 

Simple... and yet so not Simple

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Because this is just to good, not to share it.

Found this on a the best of Craigslist.

The Grinding Wheels of Justice Bunkbed

Date: 2010-01-02, 10:05AM EST

So there you are, suddenly single after fifteen years of faithful monogamy that came to a crashing halt when you discovered that the other �partner� felt that monogamy only applied to one of you, and it wasn�t her. Now, despite the fact that you�ve been a hard-working sole provider for a decade and a half and you technically own half of a really nice, big, house in the burbs, you find yourself sitting in an unfurnished crappy little two-bedroom apartment little bigger than the one you first moved into straight out of college. You have an old table with one chair, a beat up couch you got from your folks back in the early 90s and which they got in the 70s, a mattress with no frame, and thank god, a tv. (But that bitch wouldn�t let you have the remote, would she?) You�re not exactly at the top of your game, but what�s worse is that you don�t know where the kids will sleep.

Yea, the kids. They still love you. They want to come and see you. They did nothing wrong. But now you have nowhere (other than the couch) for them to sleep.

Sound familiar? Well then have I got a deal for you. Feast your eyes upon the Grinding Wheels of Justice Bunkbed.

You see, it will get better. The wheels of karmic justice may grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine. You will reconstruct your ego, and your life. Then you�ll slowly start having a social life. You�ll fix some of those things about yourself you always wanted to fix but didn�t have the time/energy because you were so busy being provider/husband/father. You�ll meet a brilliant and gorgeous woman who, coincidentally, happens to be much younger than you. You�ll fall in love. For her part, your ex will fall into bankruptcy, get all sorts of inappropriate tattoos, and basically ruin her own life without any help from you. But the first step to all of that is having somewhere for the kids to sleep. That�s where the bunkbed comes in.

As you can see from the picture, it�s steel framed, relatively new, comes with two mattresses, and the bottom bunk is a couch until you pull it out into a futon. So here is the scale:

If any or all of this applies to you, if you are the one who was cheated (male or female) on and you STILL had to move out and need somewhere for your kids to sleep: $75 and hell, I�ll throw in some pillows for you.

If you are a single mother or father, perhaps for other reasons, it�s still a bargain at $100

If you are a young couple, working hard to make ends meet but doing pretty well, with your whole lives in front of you: $101

If you are the one who cheated in your marriage/partnership, the one who had to leave the house because you could not stop your libido from overruling your vows: $3,275. And I get to punch you in the face. In fact, I'll probably do that anyway, on the principle of the thing. 

Friday, April 16, 2010


Psychedelic dreams,
leave me wondering,
about the beauty,
the serenity,
the peace...

I lose myself in my thoughts,
blending from shade to shade,
swirling, spiraling, into a mess,
of wonderful abyss of what is left.

Psychedelic dreams,
leave me wandering,
among the translucent shapes,
all the mistakes,
if you please.

I fall,
deep, & dark I drown,
In the psychedelic abyss,
waiting for insanities kiss,
something only an artist may find,
only to be seen by the blind.

Psychedelic dreams,
ripping at the seams,
revealing the darkness beneath,
the love, the rush, the absolute Peace!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Which Me Do You Like?

I do not like permanent things, if you know me, you know that.  That is why it took me so long to get my ears pierced (partly) and why I do not have any tattoos.

I love to express myself but I like to be able to change when I get bored. That is why I cut and dye my hair so often. More often coloring than cutting as cutting is too close to permanent for me. lol

So here are some pictures of my different hair colors and styles. Let me know which me you like best.

Hope you have fun. :)

blue streak in front & underneath, with just black eyeliner only.

red streak in bangs & sides only. Braided on top of head, no makeup.

red streaks with hair down & naturally wavy, dark liner & red lips.

dark with light pinkish white highlights up in curlers, no makeup looking like a psycho.

purple streak & underneath with hair in piggybuns & nude makeup.

light pink streaks framing face, loose curled hair with charcoal liner, mascara & pink glossy lipstick.

black with white/blonde streaks in bangs & framing face dark eyeliner nude lips.

all natural brown with no makeup (old pic, yes i was crying lol)

this one is a virtual makeover but still..
blond wavy hair, green contacts, bright red lips.

strawberry blonde w/poof bangs, smokey eyes & tangerine-ish lipstick

dark brown w/blonde streak through bangs & gothic/emo black eyes & black lips.

(most recent) strawberry blonde wavy hair with side swept bangs,
black eyeliner, pomegranate eyeshadow & blush, pink eyeshadow, pink lipstick & don't forget that flower :)

Thanks hope you liked em :) Let me know :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pony Ride

If you had an opportunity to take a free pony ride, for whatever reason, would you do it?  Why Not!?

I had this opportunity the other night. There was a daycare holding an open house and they used the services of this ranch that allows, miniature horses to be used for pony rides.  These miniature horses, not technically ponies,  pull around a little seat with wheels big enough for two adults.

I could not resist the urge to stop and ask what was going on, in fact I dragged my fiance back over there after debating whether or not to bother.  So, we went over to the lady sitting on a cart with a miniature horse.  She explained about the open house etc.  The miniature horse kept nudging its face at me so I pet it.  Oh, I about fell in love with that horse.  It was the sweetest thing, I wish I could have just taken it home and kept it in my room like a pet.  Is that weird?

Anyway, I did not take the ride, I only pet the miniature horses, because 1. there were children enjoying the rides and I didn't want to take the rides away from them, and 2. I had a sneaking suspicion my voluptuous arse (to be nice) might not have fit, and I wanted to spare myself the humiliation.

I know, I know, I should have just gone for it, but I am glad to at least have met the wonderful horse.

If you ever get a chance to take a pony ride though, I suggest you take it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Between Friends

Sparks fly against a starless sky,
a warm breeze against your skin,
cold damp grass on bare feet,
a secret whispered between friends.

Scratchy bark on bruised knees,
giggles breaking silence,
autumn colors on falling leaves,
adventures shared between friends.

Fearlessly jumping from rock to rock,
bubbling water splashing around the bend,
slippery feet and balance thrown off,
a helping hand between friends.

Aroma of coffee and a bittersweet taste,
reminiscing about treasured moments,
a warming bond that never ends,
the love only shared between friends. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

Cuz I'm a Blond Ya Ya Ya

So, I decided to go blond for a bit.  I never have thought i would look good blond so I never tried it before.  It was time however, and if I don't like it I will go red, might do that eventually anyway.

I love the song, "Cause I'm a Blond" by Julie Brown and have since the first time I saw Earth Girls Are Easy.  So I included a link to that video on youtube. Hope you all like it!

Let me know what you think of my blond pics below. :)

It took me 2 bleachings and over 3 hours in total to get it this light, and I like it so I will live with it lol.

My camera batteries are dead so these were taken using my web cam so I apologize for the quality and the lack of makeup lol.

As you can see it is more of a strawberry blond... a bit darker toward the ends  ;)

I worked really hard to get the roots ... still a bit dark in some areas but life goes on.... thats what I get for doing it myself. :D

This isnt a great pic but if you look in the back you can see a mirror reflection of my hair so you have an idea of the length. It is considered extra long so that is why I do it myself... too expensive otherwise lol
Some of you may know I had red and then blue in my bangs and so that is why the tips are so white.

I always do a mirror image shot or two if I get the chance hehe :)

Anyway hope you liked the photos one more to leave you with and don't forget to let me know what you think ;)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

So Sweet

So Sweet

Saturday, November 24, 2007
So, sweet

So simple, so small, so far, to fall
So  quiet, so lost, so much, such cost
So scared, so fast, so consumed, with the past,

So gentle, so kind, such a waste of a mind

So sweet so sad,so hurt so mad,

So cold, so dark,  such a broken heart...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In Your face

In your face         Originally written Sunday, August 06, 2006

So, thru all the darkness I have dwelled,
and all the curses I’ve dispelled,
all the triumphs, failures, and cats games,
it seems that nothing is the same.
I've finally reached my goal,
fulfilled my heart and soul,
become that which I’ve desired,
and lit my existence on fire.
I've obtained my life’s ambition,
following no mans tradition,
doing it all my way, at my pace,
just to stick it in your face.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Faeries of Fythery (a rhyming tale)

Below are the first to chapters of a rhyming tale that I began on, to view the rest of the chapters click the link in the title to be forwarded to that page and remember to become a fan :)

Beginnings are scary yet beautiful things, all depending on the situation.

"Once in a lifetime, you meet someone who changes your world,
if you're lucky, you'll treasure that pearl!"

As in all good tales, we shall begin this rhyme
with the famed quote, of...
Once Upon A Time...

For Once a long time ago, in a land far from our shores,
there lived a faery, in a house not at all like yours.
This house was not a house per say, but a hole in a Redwood,
one of the largest trees today.
This faery was named for her hair, as blue as oceans afar,
They called her Bleu, and she shined like the northern star.

Bleu lived alone for many a day, alone and sad she was,
visiting local village children just wasn't enough.
She longed for that feeling, she'd seen on the maiden's face,
longed for company, yearned for just a taste.
Though she was not naive, no no, she knew it wouldn't be fine,
for once she'd tasted it, she'd want it all the time.

Alas, to dream of such a day, when she could indulge in lustful play,
perhaps letting it bloom into ...dare I say...
perhaps True love someday.

Perhaps perhaps, words of aggravation indeed,
Bleu grew tired of her lustful needs.
Is it normal, sure... acceptable not at all,
but she was certainly determined to fall.

By the autumn she was born, into the sign of love,
and by that sign, she was true enough,
a hopeless romantic, alone of course,
always searching for true love's source.

Till one day, a fine morn to be seen
a stranger approached, with eyes of green
He was tall and handsome, a knight she was sure
glowing with honor, and a heart surely pure.

His steed was the most glorious Dragonfly
with fiery wings, and shimmery turquoise sides,
They both looked quite divine
to a young faerie's eyes.

But to approach could mean reproach, disaster utmost!
But to stay hidden and shy would make her a bad host.
Oh decisions decisions, why always so hard,
putting so much strain on a young girl's heart.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Alice In Wonderland (Movie 2010)


As a huge fan of the original story I, like many others, was eager to see this film, and hopeful that it would do the original justice.

This was not a remake as some might have thought, but was in fact a sequel of sorts. Where as this is a story of Alice's return to Wonderland.

We began this new journey by visiting a young Alice whom had been having "bad dreams" but soon we were fast forwarded to the present time. The 19 year old Alice is a bit distracted, and certainly lighthearted, to the dismay of others. Including a big-grinning redheaded lord and his mother who may remind you a bit of a certain Queen. Both are a bit too refined & strict for Alice's taste. So when the Lord proposes marriage, Alice runs off after a familiar White Rabbit and as expected falls down a rabbit hole.

From there it is a surprisingly enthralling ride that resembles very closely the beloved original tale, while not being entirely the same.

A smile came to my face upon hearing the voice of Alan Rickman as The Blue Caterpillar, and of course I was quite excited to see Depp's portrayal of the Mad Hatter. Which I for one thought was another great performance by one of Hollywood's best actors.

I was also quite glad to see the actress Helen Bonham Carter, who has been a co-star to both Rickman & Depp in the past, bring to life the character of the Red Queen. All of our favorite characters from the original tale were there as far as i can recall, though the Queens Card Guards did have a bit of a makeover with some upgraded armor, red of course.

Yet another of my favorite stars, Anne Hathaway portrayed the White Queen. While her character may seem a bit ... over played... it seems to fit the character and mood of this colorful film. This movie had me wrapped around its proverbial finger from the moment I saw Tim Burton was doing it. However, I do think it was well done, and is a film that both original fans and new comers alike will find endearing, and maybe even fascinating.

So, if you haven't seen it yet, definitely find time to, I doubt you will be disappointed.

I were to rate it, I'd give Alice in Wonderland 5 STARS!

For more reviews check out my blog Sheena Reviews.

Three Poems of Twisted Dreams

Twisted Dreams

By Sheena Marie St. Charles

An inner Darkness that confines,
Twisted Dreams to sleeping minds,
with a cloud of blackened soot,
that circles trees with living root.
A city park where green grass grew,
as you slowly creep thru,
childrens laughter fills your head,
there's no-one there,

they're all dead.
A single swing sways alone,
shifting weeds over grown,
tumble weeds drifting by,
a single street lamps flickering light.
The tears of wind and rain,
slowly drift down the lane,
into the place of lost loves,
as angels watch from above,
a single rose on the ground,
butterflies fluttering all around,
this place I go at darkest night,
to watch the glowing spirits rise.

Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles

For my Father Ronald, may the Lord and I both have forgiveness! (edited)
- Sheena

Twisted Dreams Return

by Sheena Marie St. Charles

Now a blackened river you're beside,
bloody bubbles sway and glide,
rocks turned red by waters flood,
footprints left in the mud.
A hand reached out from the suds,
gives your heart a sudden jump,
you trip and hit you can see,
a body lying there beneath,
your fearful shrieks so loud,
echo thru this eerie town.
Bouncing up and running fast,
drums are thumping as you dash,
voices calling from all sides,
swirling thru your throbbing mind,
vines grabbing at your feet,
mist forbidding you to see.
Then at once you realize,
seeing with your teary eyes,
The inner darkness that confines
Twisted Dreams to Sleeping Minds.

Copyright ©2002 Sheena Marie St. Charles

A tribute to Twisted Dreams Friday, August 05, 2005

These sick and twisted little dreams,
consuming me every night,
taking over my soul,
controlling me with fright.
They pretend to be sweet dreams,
only to suddenly spring on me,
with evil deeds and creatures greed,
and all I need is to wake up, you see.
If only you knew the torment they bring,
the filthy things, as my mind sings,
of all my sick and twisted dreams.

Copyright ©2009 Sheena Marie St. Charles

Thursday, March 11, 2010

In the land of Sady

In the land of Sady Originally written in 2009

From the very first moment she opened her bright golden eyes we knew she was special. Everyone says that about their children, but it wasn’t just us. People couldn’t take their eyes off of her, they would gravitate around this beautiful child as if she held the key to some great and wondrous secret.

When she was four years old, she was a surprisingly nostalgic child. She would force her way into every picture taken. When questioned she would advise the curious adults, that someday she may want to remember this moment and would look back at the pictures and time would stand still allowing her to escape to that moment once more.

We worried for a while that people would fear her, for she was definitely odd by the standards of the average child. Not in looks but in wisdom, spirit, and character. She was, with every fiber of her being, unique.

When she was eight she voiced her fear that the world only existed so long as she was aware of it. She wasn’t being conceded or self absorbed she honestly feared that if she forgot someone they would simply cease to exist until she remembered them again. If she remembered them.

She was always short, with beautiful long dark hair and those same bright golden eyes that had surprised us so, on that autumn morning when we first brought her to this world. Although I never really felt she belonged here. Not that I didn’t want her here, there was nothing wrong with her. She just seemed out of place, like she lived in her own world. Sady’s world or as she would later refer to it, The Land of Sady.

Sady was very curious, she yearned for knowledge and ached for wisdom. She wanted to know everything there was to know. She wanted to solve every puzzle and unravel every mystery. She had a way with words and could tell a twisted tale like no other child could. She had the confidence of a 30 year old business woman on top of the world, but the spirit of the child raised by wolves.

She would dance and sing constantly and wanted to be the best at everything. She wanted to do everything, she could never settle for just one thing she wanted to grow up to be. When she was ten she stated that her goal in life was to obtain the Life time achievement award. I don’t think anyone doubted she could do it either.
As Sady reached her teens, she grew into an amazing beauty, but was never so aware of it that she became cruel. She seemed to have no enemies, everyone liked her, sometimes in spite of themselves. She was never mean, and rarely angry. She had an undying urge to help those in need and to spread her own insatiable joy to the rest of the world. She was calm and rarely stressed, always in control.

I recall at age 14 she aspired to someday visit hungry children and deliver them food and build them shelter with her own hands. She wanted to meet them and tell them in person that, if no one else did, she cared. So, that they would know in their darkest moments, that someone, somewhere, cared about them.

Although, as I said, she was always in control when it came to anger or stress, she was often overwhelmed by other emotions. She could honestly not help but cry at the site of a wounded creature, or a dismayed person. She would actually feel physical pain and distress at the thought of others suffering. She had been described as being empathic also. She was a wiz at reading how others felt and would often feel it too. She used this as inspiration for her writing.

By the time she was sixteen she spoke four languages fluently, had published over a dozen poems, another dozen short stories. She had been offered a scholarship at Julliard and had organized entire charity events to help the needy. She had saved a child from drowning, nursed a puppy, two birds, and a litter of kittens back to health. She had her first kiss, drove a car, and met the president on a trip to Washington DC.

Sady never made it to Julliard. She never got a second kiss. She never visited the hungry children around the world. She never received the Life time achievement award. She never turned seventeen.

The night before her seventeenth birthday, Sady had gone for a walk. Before she left she told me that the sky had more stars than she could imagine seeing again, and that she couldn’t live with herself if she didn’t experience it. She walked out into the crisp night air, her long hair flowing in the wind, smiling as she breathed in the scent of the night and gazed about the endless sea of stars above. She never made it home.

As she crossed the street on the corner of Main and 4th that night, her fate had already been decided. A midnight blue mustang, driven by an angry and intoxicated man, ran a red light and like so many before her, Sady was instantly reduced to another statistic.

She didn’t die right away, she lay in excruciating pain before and looked to the stranger that held her in her arms. She whispered her last words, “Is he ok?”. Even in her last moments, with the very last effort of her amazing being, she found forgiveness and concern for the life of the person who took hers.
Sady once admitted to me her biggest fear, was of being forgotten. I am comforted in knowing that no person who ever met her, would or could ever forget her. Least of all the man who took her away from us.

I sometimes think she’s merely asleep somewhere still dreaming, so that we can all continue to exist…. In the Land of Sady.

Author’s Note:

This is not a true story. This is a complete work of fiction dedicated to the many lives lost to drunk drivers. Any similarity to any actual people or events is purely coincidental and not in anyway intended. Sady was the name of my cat, SadyLady, whom I loved very much and was ran over by a car when I was sixteen.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Blighted Psyche

Originally written in 2005

Blighted Psyche

My veiled Lunacy,
disheveled amongst my views
has caused a grand misfortune
and brought upon the wicked, their dues.

Vengeance enchants me,
gives me the force to perform the deeds,
deemed necessary by my guide,
the iniquity with in me.

Astoundingly it would appear
I do encompass a conscience of sorts,
attempting to rectify my sins,
although my impiety always retorts
and so the battle begins.

Corruption against purity,
in an infinite struggle for supremacy,
shall continue to torment
my blighted psyche.

Edge of Insanity

Edge of insanity Originally written: Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Walking slowly down the twisted dark path,
trees waving, leaves crinkling, wind howling…
I know it lingers near, and soon, so very soon, I will find it.
These damned voices distract me, giving me false information,
messing with my concentration, give me a f*cking break from this sh*t!
*Shrieks loudly*
Spinning in circles, staring at the twinkling stars in the pitch black tapestry of the night,
a swirling vortex of life, it's very essence, and being, here inside of me,
ripped from it's home, torn and shredded heart left behind,
leaving me what else, but a f*cked up mind.
This is what it looks like, this is how it feels, to walk the line,
to live on a thread, on a vine,
forget all the , and all of the stupid vanity,
there's nothing like living...
on the edge of insanity!


Revolving Originally written: Thursday, August 04, 2005

The mystical sparkles of your eyes,
staring into the night,
the whimsical wave of your hair,
a tantalizing sight,
The fact that you never come too late or too soon,
your heart revolving around the moon,
the way you make me feel I'm not doomed,
my heart revolves around you.