Saturday, April 24, 2010

Simple (Poem)

So very simple are the lines,
that seperate the times
that lead us to each choice,
and each decision in turn,
and each bond or burn.

yet so very complex,
when on these thoughts we reflect,
navigating the web,
to see the intertwined,
and tangled skein.

it starts out so simple,
and then begins to dimple,
and quake, and crack,
and split infinitely into many more,
opening a million other doors. 

Simple... and yet so not Simple

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Because this is just to good, not to share it.

Found this on a the best of Craigslist.

The Grinding Wheels of Justice Bunkbed

Date: 2010-01-02, 10:05AM EST

So there you are, suddenly single after fifteen years of faithful monogamy that came to a crashing halt when you discovered that the other �partner� felt that monogamy only applied to one of you, and it wasn�t her. Now, despite the fact that you�ve been a hard-working sole provider for a decade and a half and you technically own half of a really nice, big, house in the burbs, you find yourself sitting in an unfurnished crappy little two-bedroom apartment little bigger than the one you first moved into straight out of college. You have an old table with one chair, a beat up couch you got from your folks back in the early 90s and which they got in the 70s, a mattress with no frame, and thank god, a tv. (But that bitch wouldn�t let you have the remote, would she?) You�re not exactly at the top of your game, but what�s worse is that you don�t know where the kids will sleep.

Yea, the kids. They still love you. They want to come and see you. They did nothing wrong. But now you have nowhere (other than the couch) for them to sleep.

Sound familiar? Well then have I got a deal for you. Feast your eyes upon the Grinding Wheels of Justice Bunkbed.

You see, it will get better. The wheels of karmic justice may grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine. You will reconstruct your ego, and your life. Then you�ll slowly start having a social life. You�ll fix some of those things about yourself you always wanted to fix but didn�t have the time/energy because you were so busy being provider/husband/father. You�ll meet a brilliant and gorgeous woman who, coincidentally, happens to be much younger than you. You�ll fall in love. For her part, your ex will fall into bankruptcy, get all sorts of inappropriate tattoos, and basically ruin her own life without any help from you. But the first step to all of that is having somewhere for the kids to sleep. That�s where the bunkbed comes in.

As you can see from the picture, it�s steel framed, relatively new, comes with two mattresses, and the bottom bunk is a couch until you pull it out into a futon. So here is the scale:

If any or all of this applies to you, if you are the one who was cheated (male or female) on and you STILL had to move out and need somewhere for your kids to sleep: $75 and hell, I�ll throw in some pillows for you.

If you are a single mother or father, perhaps for other reasons, it�s still a bargain at $100

If you are a young couple, working hard to make ends meet but doing pretty well, with your whole lives in front of you: $101

If you are the one who cheated in your marriage/partnership, the one who had to leave the house because you could not stop your libido from overruling your vows: $3,275. And I get to punch you in the face. In fact, I'll probably do that anyway, on the principle of the thing. 

Friday, April 16, 2010


Psychedelic dreams,
leave me wondering,
about the beauty,
the serenity,
the peace...

I lose myself in my thoughts,
blending from shade to shade,
swirling, spiraling, into a mess,
of wonderful abyss of what is left.

Psychedelic dreams,
leave me wandering,
among the translucent shapes,
all the mistakes,
if you please.

I fall,
deep, & dark I drown,
In the psychedelic abyss,
waiting for insanities kiss,
something only an artist may find,
only to be seen by the blind.

Psychedelic dreams,
ripping at the seams,
revealing the darkness beneath,
the love, the rush, the absolute Peace!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Which Me Do You Like?

I do not like permanent things, if you know me, you know that.  That is why it took me so long to get my ears pierced (partly) and why I do not have any tattoos.

I love to express myself but I like to be able to change when I get bored. That is why I cut and dye my hair so often. More often coloring than cutting as cutting is too close to permanent for me. lol

So here are some pictures of my different hair colors and styles. Let me know which me you like best.

Hope you have fun. :)

blue streak in front & underneath, with just black eyeliner only.

red streak in bangs & sides only. Braided on top of head, no makeup.

red streaks with hair down & naturally wavy, dark liner & red lips.

dark with light pinkish white highlights up in curlers, no makeup looking like a psycho.

purple streak & underneath with hair in piggybuns & nude makeup.

light pink streaks framing face, loose curled hair with charcoal liner, mascara & pink glossy lipstick.

black with white/blonde streaks in bangs & framing face dark eyeliner nude lips.

all natural brown with no makeup (old pic, yes i was crying lol)

this one is a virtual makeover but still..
blond wavy hair, green contacts, bright red lips.

strawberry blonde w/poof bangs, smokey eyes & tangerine-ish lipstick

dark brown w/blonde streak through bangs & gothic/emo black eyes & black lips.

(most recent) strawberry blonde wavy hair with side swept bangs,
black eyeliner, pomegranate eyeshadow & blush, pink eyeshadow, pink lipstick & don't forget that flower :)

Thanks hope you liked em :) Let me know :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pony Ride

If you had an opportunity to take a free pony ride, for whatever reason, would you do it?  Why Not!?

I had this opportunity the other night. There was a daycare holding an open house and they used the services of this ranch that allows, miniature horses to be used for pony rides.  These miniature horses, not technically ponies,  pull around a little seat with wheels big enough for two adults.

I could not resist the urge to stop and ask what was going on, in fact I dragged my fiance back over there after debating whether or not to bother.  So, we went over to the lady sitting on a cart with a miniature horse.  She explained about the open house etc.  The miniature horse kept nudging its face at me so I pet it.  Oh, I about fell in love with that horse.  It was the sweetest thing, I wish I could have just taken it home and kept it in my room like a pet.  Is that weird?

Anyway, I did not take the ride, I only pet the miniature horses, because 1. there were children enjoying the rides and I didn't want to take the rides away from them, and 2. I had a sneaking suspicion my voluptuous arse (to be nice) might not have fit, and I wanted to spare myself the humiliation.

I know, I know, I should have just gone for it, but I am glad to at least have met the wonderful horse.

If you ever get a chance to take a pony ride though, I suggest you take it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Between Friends

Sparks fly against a starless sky,
a warm breeze against your skin,
cold damp grass on bare feet,
a secret whispered between friends.

Scratchy bark on bruised knees,
giggles breaking silence,
autumn colors on falling leaves,
adventures shared between friends.

Fearlessly jumping from rock to rock,
bubbling water splashing around the bend,
slippery feet and balance thrown off,
a helping hand between friends.

Aroma of coffee and a bittersweet taste,
reminiscing about treasured moments,
a warming bond that never ends,
the love only shared between friends.