Monday, April 12, 2010

Which Me Do You Like?

I do not like permanent things, if you know me, you know that.  That is why it took me so long to get my ears pierced (partly) and why I do not have any tattoos.

I love to express myself but I like to be able to change when I get bored. That is why I cut and dye my hair so often. More often coloring than cutting as cutting is too close to permanent for me. lol

So here are some pictures of my different hair colors and styles. Let me know which me you like best.

Hope you have fun. :)

blue streak in front & underneath, with just black eyeliner only.

red streak in bangs & sides only. Braided on top of head, no makeup.

red streaks with hair down & naturally wavy, dark liner & red lips.

dark with light pinkish white highlights up in curlers, no makeup looking like a psycho.

purple streak & underneath with hair in piggybuns & nude makeup.

light pink streaks framing face, loose curled hair with charcoal liner, mascara & pink glossy lipstick.

black with white/blonde streaks in bangs & framing face dark eyeliner nude lips.

all natural brown with no makeup (old pic, yes i was crying lol)

this one is a virtual makeover but still..
blond wavy hair, green contacts, bright red lips.

strawberry blonde w/poof bangs, smokey eyes & tangerine-ish lipstick

dark brown w/blonde streak through bangs & gothic/emo black eyes & black lips.

(most recent) strawberry blonde wavy hair with side swept bangs,
black eyeliner, pomegranate eyeshadow & blush, pink eyeshadow, pink lipstick & don't forget that flower :)

Thanks hope you liked em :) Let me know :)

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