Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Darkest Knight

The Darkest Knight

The Darkest Knight
A Short Story By Sheena St. Charles

Every year like clockwork, it comes; like the longest day of summer or the coldest day of winter; so comes the darkest night of the year.  When neither the moon, nor stars shine; as a tradition in our village of Drakken, the only light to be used must be that of a fire lit by day.  Thusly as you saw, earlier this morn we lit the bonfire in mid town, and as we speak all of Drakken’s torches are lit from its flames.

On this night, as I sit upon my stool, inhaling the musky smoke from my pipe, I ponder.  You may ask; what an old fool story teller may have to ponder on the darkest night of the year.  Never fear, I will tell you exactly that which I ponder! 

You see children, and I call you all that, as I am older than most of yer folks; when I was as young as the youngest of you though, there came a night like this, precisely like this, as a matter of fact.  The darkest night of the Year!
Back then we held a Fire Festival in honor of The Spirit of the Night; whom was feared and therefore all but worshipped. The Spirit was said to be the force of nature that brought upon us the darkest night of the year, that caused nightmares to come, and villains to be born.

It was common knowledge in my day that The Spirit of the Night and the Spirit of the Light, were in a constant power struggle.  Of course, as you may have guessed; The Spirit of The Light is usually the stronger of the two, having planted the power of the stars and moon to keep the Spirit of the Night’s powers of darkness at bay. 

I can see by the glimmer in your eyes that you know exactly where I’m going with this.  On that night, this night, the darkest night of the year, The Spirit of The Light is helpless against the powers of Night.  

Well, that night, so very long ago, as the flames of the bonfire flickered high in the sky and the youth of the village danced about merrily, a strange and evil presence loomed at the outskirts of the festival.  This was a time before we sought the precautions we do now, and the fires were started at dusk and so would not have retained as much of the Light’s day strength.  Even still, The Spirit, being week to the presence of any kind of light, dared not approach so long as the fires burned bright. Ah, but he had plotted a devious plan.  Quickly he gathered his minions, known only as the shadowmen.  With in minutes they had the village surrounded.  Then, as the villagers young and old alike, danced about blissfully unaware, the minions readied for the attack.

As quick and silent as only the master of all things dark could be, The Spirit of the Night gathered his will and strength and heaved a mighty blow of night wind at the bon fire.  The kind of wind that chills you to the bone, swept rapidly through our town and just as quickly the fire was out.  Darkness blanketed our beloved Drakken, heightening our fear which The Spirit feeds upon.  Snatching up the opportunity to strike, before it could slip away, the shadowmen and their master swarmed the village.  Steeling the breath of the young, and stopping the hearts of the elderly.  Churning the thoughts of Drakken’s people and turning them against their kin.  Crimson coated the ground in an otherwise black world. 

Was there no one who would fight, no one that could save them?  I hear the questions seeping from your minds, as it did mine that night.  There was but one entity that stood a chance, one who could fight The Spirit of the Night and hold his own.

Ah, but we’re not quite there yet...

As I crouched on this very porch, behind that pillar, right over there, observing as is the way of the storyteller, I saw it first.  The night was at its darkest and the air was filled with the scent of burnt ground and death.  But suddenly, as often is the case, came a beacon of hope in the form of a knight.  

We know, of course,  the strongest weapon against darkness is light, but The Spirit of the Light was unavailable as it were and as they say; when you can’t fight fire with water, you must fight fire with fire!  Or, as it were in this case, Darkness with Darkness.

For as this was the darkest night of the year, so was this beacon of hope, The Darkest of Knights.  He looked much like the shadowmen if not for his glimmering armor which had a glow of its own, though the tales say he was once recruited by The Spirit.  The shadowmen, you see, are really lost souls who have been recruited by The Spirit of the Night as minions.  When faced with the opportunity, The Darkest Knight had refused, as he had been a good man in life who had lost all will to live when his family had been tortured and slain.  Vengeance had been his vice, and to blame for his death. Thus his own spirit being lost, he became as the shadowmen had, but sought to redeem his self if he could.

Thus, as good as he had been in life, so was he in death, the greatest hero, the mightiest warrior and The Darkest Knight.  His steed, a shadow stallion was as dark as he, wearing silvery armor of its own, with blazing red eyes. The Darkest Knight held his weapon high, then pointed it at The Spirit and charged.  The Spirit of the Night pulled himself into a wide spread sheet-like creature the size of a small mountain.  Figuring the Knight would bounce off, like any other creature, but too late saw what he was made of.

The Spirit’s defense was based upon having to defend itself from light and was all but defenseless against the darkness itself.  The Darkest Knight being, just as the shadowmen were, made of the very essence of darkness could easily penetrate The Spirit’s otherwise impenetrable mass. 

Before The Spirit could act, the Knight had slashed his mighty sword through the veil of darkness that was the Spirit himself.  As the pieces of the Spirit flew about like wisps of a popped bubble, our Knight held high what appeared to be the handle of a flameless torch.  As he did so, the wisps of the Spirit’s essence were drawn into the torch. Once all of the spirit had been trapped in the torch of darkness, the Knight rode after the Shadowmen but they simply disappeared, apparently having no purpose with out their master.

The torches of Drakken began to light once more, and slowly the remaining villagers came to surround the Darkest Knight!  They wanted to thank him, honor him, and do anything they could to please this being that had saved them.  But as we brought our newly lit torches to surround The Knight, he too faded out as if he’d never existed.  

Later people would doubt the tale, but those of us who saw it, would never forget….

The Darkest Knight.

Authors Note:

The Darkest Knight is an original work of fiction by Sheena St. Charles, any similarity to any persons living, dead, or fictional is entirely coincidental. Please do not copy, sell, or share any part of this posting with out the explicit and written permission of its author. 

The Darkest Knight © Copyright 2010 Sheena St. Charles

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gasoline Tears

Gasoline tears and emotions of cellophane, set me on fire, it'll only ease the pain...

My skin is not stone, I shall bleed if you prick, My heart is not ice, but will melt in your fist!

If life is a dream in a dream, and reality isn't what it seems, and only lies can be seen, then wake me up before I scream!

~by Sheena

I wrote this as a facebook status page and got great feedback. I liked it so much I thought I would share it here :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nothing (A Song)

Get... get get

Get... get get

Bet... bet bet

Yes... yes yes

You bet-ter, bet yer.. a-a-a-ass boy

oh oh oh oh

You bet-ter, get yer a-a-a-ass going

Yes you... yes you...

ooh  ooh ooh   ooh   ooh  ooh ooh   ooh

I dont play, boy... I'm no play toy,
you can stay boy, but dont delay boy...

oh   oh oh oh   oh    oh oh oh

You can rock, get me hot, but then you gon' drop...

I wont let you 
break my heart
I wont let you
play that part

You will not, you will not
be my everything,
no nothing

I will not, no I'll not
lose all Ive got, 
to find I've nothing....


oh  oh oh   oh   oh  oh oh   oh

You bet-ter, bet yer.. a-a-a-ass boy

oh oh oh oh

You bet-ter, get yer a-a-a-ass going

You can run, 
and you should,
but I will not 
chase as I could,

Because your not worth it noooo




Your not worth it 

If you loved me,
You would leave me,
as I am boy
not tease me
like a play toy
and keep running
away bo______y

You bet-ter, bet yer.. a-a-a-ass boy

oh oh oh oh

You bet-ter, get yer a-a-a-ass going

If you stay,

trust me boy

You will pay!

You will pay, you will pay
the way you made me hurt

you  will   too

You hurt me, you broke me
and my heart in two

just like a fool

I wont let you 
break my heart
I wont let you
play that part

You will not, you will not
be my everything,
no nothing

I will not, no I'll not
lose all Ive got, 
to find I've nothing....


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Simple (Poem)

So very simple are the lines,
that seperate the times
that lead us to each choice,
and each decision in turn,
and each bond or burn.

yet so very complex,
when on these thoughts we reflect,
navigating the web,
to see the intertwined,
and tangled skein.

it starts out so simple,
and then begins to dimple,
and quake, and crack,
and split infinitely into many more,
opening a million other doors. 

Simple... and yet so not Simple

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Because this is just to good, not to share it.

Found this on a the best of Craigslist.

The Grinding Wheels of Justice Bunkbed

Date: 2010-01-02, 10:05AM EST

So there you are, suddenly single after fifteen years of faithful monogamy that came to a crashing halt when you discovered that the other �partner� felt that monogamy only applied to one of you, and it wasn�t her. Now, despite the fact that you�ve been a hard-working sole provider for a decade and a half and you technically own half of a really nice, big, house in the burbs, you find yourself sitting in an unfurnished crappy little two-bedroom apartment little bigger than the one you first moved into straight out of college. You have an old table with one chair, a beat up couch you got from your folks back in the early 90s and which they got in the 70s, a mattress with no frame, and thank god, a tv. (But that bitch wouldn�t let you have the remote, would she?) You�re not exactly at the top of your game, but what�s worse is that you don�t know where the kids will sleep.

Yea, the kids. They still love you. They want to come and see you. They did nothing wrong. But now you have nowhere (other than the couch) for them to sleep.

Sound familiar? Well then have I got a deal for you. Feast your eyes upon the Grinding Wheels of Justice Bunkbed.

You see, it will get better. The wheels of karmic justice may grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine. You will reconstruct your ego, and your life. Then you�ll slowly start having a social life. You�ll fix some of those things about yourself you always wanted to fix but didn�t have the time/energy because you were so busy being provider/husband/father. You�ll meet a brilliant and gorgeous woman who, coincidentally, happens to be much younger than you. You�ll fall in love. For her part, your ex will fall into bankruptcy, get all sorts of inappropriate tattoos, and basically ruin her own life without any help from you. But the first step to all of that is having somewhere for the kids to sleep. That�s where the bunkbed comes in.

As you can see from the picture, it�s steel framed, relatively new, comes with two mattresses, and the bottom bunk is a couch until you pull it out into a futon. So here is the scale:

If any or all of this applies to you, if you are the one who was cheated (male or female) on and you STILL had to move out and need somewhere for your kids to sleep: $75 and hell, I�ll throw in some pillows for you.

If you are a single mother or father, perhaps for other reasons, it�s still a bargain at $100

If you are a young couple, working hard to make ends meet but doing pretty well, with your whole lives in front of you: $101

If you are the one who cheated in your marriage/partnership, the one who had to leave the house because you could not stop your libido from overruling your vows: $3,275. And I get to punch you in the face. In fact, I'll probably do that anyway, on the principle of the thing. 

Friday, April 16, 2010


Psychedelic dreams,
leave me wondering,
about the beauty,
the serenity,
the peace...

I lose myself in my thoughts,
blending from shade to shade,
swirling, spiraling, into a mess,
of wonderful abyss of what is left.

Psychedelic dreams,
leave me wandering,
among the translucent shapes,
all the mistakes,
if you please.

I fall,
deep, & dark I drown,
In the psychedelic abyss,
waiting for insanities kiss,
something only an artist may find,
only to be seen by the blind.

Psychedelic dreams,
ripping at the seams,
revealing the darkness beneath,
the love, the rush, the absolute Peace!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Which Me Do You Like?

I do not like permanent things, if you know me, you know that.  That is why it took me so long to get my ears pierced (partly) and why I do not have any tattoos.

I love to express myself but I like to be able to change when I get bored. That is why I cut and dye my hair so often. More often coloring than cutting as cutting is too close to permanent for me. lol

So here are some pictures of my different hair colors and styles. Let me know which me you like best.

Hope you have fun. :)

blue streak in front & underneath, with just black eyeliner only.

red streak in bangs & sides only. Braided on top of head, no makeup.

red streaks with hair down & naturally wavy, dark liner & red lips.

dark with light pinkish white highlights up in curlers, no makeup looking like a psycho.

purple streak & underneath with hair in piggybuns & nude makeup.

light pink streaks framing face, loose curled hair with charcoal liner, mascara & pink glossy lipstick.

black with white/blonde streaks in bangs & framing face dark eyeliner nude lips.

all natural brown with no makeup (old pic, yes i was crying lol)

this one is a virtual makeover but still..
blond wavy hair, green contacts, bright red lips.

strawberry blonde w/poof bangs, smokey eyes & tangerine-ish lipstick

dark brown w/blonde streak through bangs & gothic/emo black eyes & black lips.

(most recent) strawberry blonde wavy hair with side swept bangs,
black eyeliner, pomegranate eyeshadow & blush, pink eyeshadow, pink lipstick & don't forget that flower :)

Thanks hope you liked em :) Let me know :)